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how do I water my new garden?

Manual Watering Technique | Use a hose and break the stream with your thumb. A scattered spray is more effective than a stream coming out of a hose, but do not use a spray nozzle, as the spray is much too hard and can damage plants. Place the hose at the base of the plant. Water thoroughly. For small plants, water approximately 2-3 minutes and for large plants water about 5-10 minutes. This will allow the water to soak deeply into the soil. Water large areas with a sprinkler.


Water the Soil Surrounding Plants or Trees in the “Drip Line” | Plants and trees take in moisture ONLY from their root system and in particular the smallest 1/3 of the roots. They do NOT take in moisture from their leaves so it is never necessary to water foliage, though it is normally fine to do so.  Sometimes, however, watering foliage can, in fact, be detrimental, as in the case of disease prone plants such as roses and lilacs. Instead, aim water on the ground inside the “drip line”.  The drip line is the circular area that falls directly below the plant’s most outer leaves, where rain water drips naturally. The drip line is where your watering or irrigation can be most effective and best directed to hydrate the plant.  more …

willow landscape design watering instructions


are my plants guaranteed?

Plant Material Replacement | If a plant or tree fails to thrive, then the installation contractor MAY (or may not) replace it for you within the first year after installation. Willow Landscape Design is not responsible for plant replacement but we can assist you and facilitate replacement with the installation contractor. The installation contractor promises to provide excellent quality plant material, but can only guarantee the health of the plant material with proper irrigation. The installation contractor will not replace plant material if it is determined that you have failed to supply adequate water. If you suspect a plant or tree is not thriving, it helps to notify the installation contractor (or Willow Landcape Design) as soon as you notice a decline so that it can be checked and tracked. The installation contractor may make recommendations for care strategies and/or they may ask you to wait through a season, especially through winter, to give plant material time to regenerate. Then, if a plant dies, the installation contractor  is more likely to replace plant material since you have given them proper notification and taken corrective steps, or waited for a requested period of time.


can wld create rain gardens?

wld is experienced with rain garden design |  yes, we have worked with clients to design and install rain gardens and other environmentally beneficial projects.  wld is a Montgomery County qualified Rainscape Reward contractor: “These [Rainscape Reward] projects are designed to slow rainwater runoff and reduce the amount of stormwater entering local streams, increase groundwater supply, and reduce chemical and nutrient pollutants entering waterways.” Some of our clients have received rebates for their projects through this program.


does wld provide installation of hardscape and plant material?

project installation and management | wld does not provide plant material and hardscape directly but we coordinate and manage an installation contractor’s work to make sure the conceptual vision and project specifications all come out as planned. We have several excellent contractors we work with for plantings, patios, walls, fences, lighting and irrigation. We would also be happy to work with a contractor that you know and like. Your contract with the installation contractor will be separate from your contract with willow landscape design.


can wld recommend good arborists and tree contractors?

tree work |  yes, we can recommend several good arborists and tree contractors in the area.  If tree work is part of your project, then wld will be happy to coordinate this with the big picture.  If tree work is the main project, we feel it pays to get two or three estimates before beginning work because the costs can vary quite a bit depending on time of year and availability of the contractors.  Generally, we recommend Davey Tree, Nelson’s Trees Service and Wood Acre.


can wld recommend specialty pruning and fine gardeners?

specialty pruning and fine gardeners |  yes, in fact, Adele also offers specialty pruning services with another company called Pruning by Design.  We renovate tired shrubs and small ornamental trees by pruning to promote new growth and reshape to more pleasing forms.  In this way, your mature garden can be renewed.  Rejuvenate your azaleas, camellias, Japanese maples, hollies, hydrangeas, magnolias, roses, and more.  Pruning by Design also works to identify, divide or move perennials, shrubs and trees in your garden that can be featured in a better way.  We can help.


how can I find info on plants, trees and shrubs?

plant identification, care and other useful info can be found on the wld blog |  There are many online sources for this kind of information, though some are more reliable than others.  With our expertise, wld has put together a plant index with info that may be useful to our clients and others.  Find it here.


where can I find inspiration and landscaping ideas?

the wld blog shows our work and much more |  You can find lots of examples of beautiful residential landscapes on our blog.  Find it here.  Books are also a great source of inspiration.  We recommend Outside the Not So Big House by Julie Meserve.